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Derive strength from loaded movement.

Strength Coaching services and resources.


Integral Barbell is a proud member of the Barbell Logic Online Coaching (BLOC) team. To learn more about how you can get world class coaching from anywhere with use of any web enabled device, go to Barbell Logic and request to work with Andrew Jackson as your coach. Integral Barbell offers a 25% discount for in person session to any BLOC member.

Barbell Logic Online Coaching provides high-touch, personalized online coaching from Starting Strength Coaches. Basic barbell coaching, weightlifting, powerlift, and nutrition coaching services are all available. Get world class coaching from the comfort of your home gym!

If you have questions, feel free to contact Andrew to learn more:

This includes:

  • Individualized programming delivered through a convenient, user-friendly app that you can use right on your phone.

  • Periodic video-conference calls with your coach.

  • Video breakdown of every single workout from your coach, and a rapid turnaround time so that you always have feedback before your next training session.

  • Access to an amazing community (of all BLOC clients and coaches) in our private Slack work space where you can ask questions, discuss topics on training, programming, and nutrition, and receive encouragement and support from others in the BLOC family.

I never would I have thought that I could make progress lifting in a garage gym and work with someone of your caliber. I’ve received better coaching from you clear across the country, than any in-person coach I’ve been around.
— Bobby Pierce, Barbell Logic Client